Teenage Hairstyles

 Teen Hairstyle Ideas

Teens are fond of saying "Oh, that's so last year (or last month or last week), and they are always looking for the newest, cool teen hairstyle ideas to suit their wardrobes. Teen hairstyle ideas are not so different from adult hair styles, except that they may be a bit more bold and change frequently.

The best teen hairstyle ideas are for those "dos" that can be changed often; a teenager will want to wear her hair sedu straight one day like Jennifer Anniston, and sport curly locks the next. Therefore, it is a good idea to incorporate teen style ideas into a teen lifestyle which is active and often in flux.

Teen hairstyles ideas should be quick, easy and not too elaborate. However, this is always Homecoming and the prom, so teen hairstyle ideas to fit formal occasions are always needed. Most teens are active with jobs, classes and extra-curricular activities, so a style that requires a lot of maintenance is usually not the best for a teen (unless she enjoys spending a large amount of time doing her hair).

There are some great teen hairstyle ideas for short hair. Layered short hair can create a spikey look when combined with a sculpting gel. The spikey look is great for emphasizing highlights and frosted touches, but it is best to have these added by a professional or to put on temporary coloring.

Simply work gel into freshly shampooed hair, blowdry the hair and use a teasing comb or your fingers to create spikes. The same hairstyle can look softer with a bit of mousse instead of gel and by blowdrying the hair with a standard brush.

Another favorite among teen hairstyle ideas is the bob.It is quite versatile, easy to maintain and can be formal or casual, depending on how it is styled. Your bob can be made completely straight with a sedu iron, or curled at the bottom and around the bangs with a short-barrelled curling iron. Bobs can have bangs or be styled in all-one-length with funky hair jewelry to keep the side hairs from falling into the face. A sleek bob can be an elegant look for prom.

You will need:

o A super shine shampoo and conditioner

o Shampoo your hair and use conditioner

o Rinse out the conditioner and follow with a cool rinse to bring out the shine

o Use sculpting gel to style your bob

o Blow dry your hair on a low setting to prevent the style from "flying out"

o Finish with a hair spray that will bring out the sheen in your hair.

Many teen hairstyle ideas are designed to recreate the look of a popular celebrity. The straight Jennifer Anniston look is "in" and is easy to achieve, even for those with naturally curly hair. A sedu iron is the best tool or creating super straight hair, and the best flat irons have ceramic plates that minimize damage to the hair.

You will need to:

o Shampoo and condition the hair. Using an excellent conditioner will help your hair fall straight

o brush mousse through your wet hair

o Blowdry hair using a paddle brush

o work the flat iron through your hair in one inch wide sections

o Brush your hair straight and finish with hairspray

Of course, teen hairstyle ideas should include great prom looks. Updos are quite popular for the big evening, but they are not just for long hair. If you hair is long enough to put in a small ponytail, you can create a great updo. Even if your hair is shorter, you can get a matching hair extension to make your hair appear longer.

To create a Reese Witherspoon-style chignon:

o Shampoo and condition your hair the day before. Freshly-shampooed ponytails are more difficult to work with

o Smooth your hair back into a ponytail, making sure that the sides are smooth. Use an elastic that is the same shade as your hair. Make sure your ponytail is low, falling to the nape of your neck

o Divide your pony into three sections. Curl each section with a curling iron. Fasten with bobby pins until the curls cool

o Once the curls are cool, brush out the curls lightly.

o Take the pony and tuck it into the elastic

o Arrange your chignon, and fix the sides of your hair. If you want them completely smooth, spray your hair, or tease out a few tendrils and curl them with a curling iron.

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