Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

This is for my natural hair readers.
Other than single braids, cornrows, half wigs, braid-outs and bantu-knots, I was having a hard time thinking of different natural hairstyles for a friend that asked for suggestions. So, I decided to look around and see what I can come up with.
This is what my search for Natural Hairstyles came up with:

This looks like it could be a twist out and just pulled to the side. Jill Scott looks so gorgeous here!

I'm not even sure how to achieve this look, but it looks gorgeous!

You can't go wrong with some twists!

This is too cute. Just use some Aloe Vera, IC or Ecostyler Gel to slick the edges down and pick out your hair!

This looks like a twist out...pretty!

Twist out with braids on the side

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